Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Is this stay covered by my insurance?

    We accept all major insurance as well as Medicare and Nevada Medicaid. We have a qualified business office and case management team to assist in determining the coverage to which each resident is eligible.

    2) Can I have a private room?

    Resident rooms are typically semi-private (2) unless the need to utilize a private room becomes necessary.

    3) Do you have a doctor available for me?

    You have the right to use your own personal physician or, in the event you do not have one, we have compliled a list of independent practitioners who are available to serve you. All physicians you elect, however, must be credentialed/contracted to practice at the facility and must comply with all facility policies and procedures as well as applicable laws.

    4) How many residents are at College Park?

    College Park has a capacity for 98 residents.

    5) How long do I need to stay at College Park after being released from the hospital?

    The doctor along with you or your designee will make the decision about the length of your stay depending on the kind of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care you need and how rapidly you return to your prior level of functioning. We work with many licensed home health agencies to assist you in a safe and secure discharge.

    6) What are the facility's hours of operation so that I can have visitors?

    College Park is a 24/7 facility. Visitings hours are 6:00am - 8:00pm. For the safety of both residents and staff, we alarm our doors after business hours, so please call ahead and let the staff know when you will be visiting.

    7) Will I know about cost before I am admitted?

    Yes, you are welcome to tour or have a family member or friend stop by first and see the facility. We can review your insurance before you are admitted so that you are clear on what your financial responsibility will be and what your insurance will cover.

    8) Do the rooms have cable?

    Yes, all rooms are cable ready.